Give Thanks!
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Scripture commands us to "Give thanks in all things for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus" I Thessalonians 5:18 When we give thanks, we acknowledge that God is sovereign and He is in charge.  By submitting to God's will, our hearts are filled with His peace.  We are able to accept the circumstances, trusting that God will work out the details.  We are taught that "I can do all things through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:13.  This process helps us learn to be content. Having God as our Shepherd, we are promised that at that very moment we will not be in want.  Psalms 23:1.  That truth is constant as time goes on.  We keep focused on Christ Jesus and He is always enough.  
Dorcas Helton
Brad Evans
Edmund Krzeminski
Light Workers Unite
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This group is designed to gather people in search of truth, awakening, light, forgiveness, love, joy and peace. I look forward to meeting you all. Welcome and God bless!
Jonny Arkade
Brad Evans
Prayer Warrior Group Example
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This is an example Prayer Group.  Describe your group that will draw new members, but please stay within the vision of keeping the group small (maximum 12 people) and then splitting into new groups as you grow. You can use Bold, Italics and different fonts fonts fonts fonts and sizes with the tools above. Please make sure you put a picture/image that will attrack new members in the next tab, "Photo".  You can find cool pictures using one or more of these free services:  Pixabay, Unsplash,, Pexels or other services.  
Rick B2T
Amy massey
Brad Evans
Truth Connectors
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Mission Statement We are a faith-based support group dedicated to strengthening and empowering individuals as we recover from learning hard truths and move forward in God's power united in peace and love to improve our lives, families, and communities.   Vision Statement A safe place to share God’s truth and love with those who have awakened to the fact many around us, including religious leaders, and areas of the man-made church system have participated in immoral acts in a covenant with darkness.  Together, with the Spirit of truth, we will share our awakening stories, fellowship, heal, and grow in our relationship with God our heavenly Father, and His Divine Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  As God’s soldiers on earth, we wear the whole armor of God to stand against the devices and strategies of the evil one.  As ambassadors of Christ, we act in faith, we operate in His authority, we speak His words, which are active and sharp.  For in the spiritual battle of lies, our victory is truth.
Tammy Bond-Campbell
Brian Price
Brooke Gulledge