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Rick B2T

Male. Lives in Texas. Born on December 23. Is married.
Rick B2T (B2T Show!)
Empowering Christian Patriots with Truth! Blessed2teach.com Streaming Live on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch and Rumble: 6pm CST Mon-Thu and 7pm on Fri Empowering Christian Patriots with Truth! I love to teach because I get “blessed” when teaching as it forces me to learn more and dive deeper into the content. Therefore, I am “Blessed To Teach” not as I feel I have a special gift, but because God truly blesses me through forcing me to learn more!  Watch the video above to understand what I believe and the times we are in. Join me on many social media channels at the links in header and footer of this site.  In addition the support email, PayPal Links and PO Box are in the footer.