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Leanne johnson

Female. Lives in Fleet, United Kingdom. Born on September 13. Is married.
Topical Bible Study, New Believers Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, Children’s Bible Study, Red Pilling Friends, Prophesy, Visions and Dreams, Healing, Miracles, Discerning of Spirits, Faith, Knowledge, Wisdom, The Fall of the Cabal, The Dangers of Vaccines, Ineffectiveness of Masks, Suppressed COVID Treatments, Legal/Exceptions, Fighting Tyranny, Fighting Critical Race Theory, Pain Management, Quantum Energy, Frequencies, Immune Boost, Weight Loss, Red Pill Books, Red Pill Music, Red Pill Movies, Food Storage/Water, Memes and Humor, Amanda Grace, Pastor Dave (His Glory)
About Me
Apologies about the photo I don’t look too happy! I was unable to upload a better one.🤔
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