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Diana Fleming

Female. Lives in Brighton, United Kingdom. Born on January 1.
New Believers Bible Study, Red Pilling Friends, Prophesy, Visions and Dreams, Healing, Miracles, Discerning of Spirits, Faith, Knowledge, Wisdom, Courts of Heaven, The Fall of the Cabal, The Dangers of Vaccines, Ineffectiveness of Masks, Suppressed COVID Treatments, Fighting Tyranny, Pain Management, Quantum Energy, Frequencies, Travel & Camping, Amanda Grace, Robin Bollock, Pastor Dave (His Glory), Neighborhood Prayer Support Groups (Neighborhood)
About Me
I live on the South Coast of the UK. I've always been a believer though have also had a lot of ques... View More
Neighborhood LIVE Streamers (Approval Needed)
Courts of Heaven (Fri 3pm CST)
54 Members
Prayer & Support Zoom (Active!)
Discerning Dreams & Visions
16 Members
Gifts of the Spirit » Knowledge, Wisdom, Prophesy
Revelation Light (Thu 4pm CST) Intercessors 5782
25 Members
Prayer & Support Zoom (Active!)
Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit (Sun 12pm CST)
12 Members
Prayer & Support Zoom (Active!)
The Mystery of Power Words from the BIBLE (active)
11 Members
Bible Study » Topical Bible Study
Diana Fleming
It's all coming out now folks, big revelations! https://stopworldcontrol.com/bernard/
Diana Fleming
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Diana Fleming
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Lois Macey
Hi Diana, welcome to our Neighborhood. I hope you check out our groups. We have some awesome prayer groups as well as a number of other group you might find interesting. Blessings..."L"
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Diana Fleming
Thank you, I will be sure to check them out x
June 9, 2022
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