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This is the Group for those who have signed up for the Sharing Truth With Impact (STWI) course. Sign up here   Weekly Zoom Meeing through the Summer of 2022:  Join Here  (Sat 10-11am CST) Passcode  299548 Transform from Frustrated, Lonely, or Helpless to being APPRECIATED, CONNECTED, and EMPOWERED! Sharing Truth With Impact Master how to Red Pill and share God's Good News with those you care about. Join Rick for a dynamic 3-Week Training Course with 3 LIVE Group Sessions. Be part of an exciting group of like-minded people in the IMPACTOR Community. Become a Blessed, Confident, and Compassionate "IMPACTOR!"  Sign up here   What If You Confidently could... ​Impact others with the love of God, including your children! Share truth with your friends and family and be respected!  ​Have the support of other people of faith in a community! Be the calm before, during, and after the storm! Get Ready for Mastering how to:   Share the Truth and Good News! FROM FRUSTRATED TO POWERFUL IMPACTOR! Being a Christian Patriot who understands the true evil of the Deep State can leave people feeling frustrated, disrespected and sometimes even lonely. Rick inspires people to become IMPACTORS that can help reverse the downward spiral of our culture that is moving away from God and the constitution. This powerful system enables your audience to turn frustration into blessings, disrespect into honor, and loneliness into connection; all while making a positive impact on the ungodly world.  Sign up here   Rick B2T P.S. We are renaming this course to the Red Pill Impactor course soon!
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