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The Authority of Jesus! WordNWorship. B2T Show Mar 10, 2023
The Authority of Jesus! WordNWorship.
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Songs used periodically for PraiseNPrayer and WordNWorship:
1 Mighty to Save
2 Bless the Lord
3 How Great is our God
4 Blessed be Your Name 
5 Revelation Song
6 Here I am to Worship
7 Open the Eyes of my Heart
8 Your Grace is Enough
9 Holy is the Lord
10 Graves Into Gardens
11 Raise A Hallelujah
12 Surrounded (Fight My Battles)  
13 Shout to the Lord
14 Our God
15 Nothing Else
16 The Heart of Worship
Adding Soon:
17 At the Cross (Love Ran Red)
18 Rattle
19 Everlasting God
Many more in the queue...  (Type your suggestion in the comments)
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Vicki Yoshikawa
Amen ❣️ Our Father God is Amazingly Great ❣️
March 10, 2023