Journey to Radical Faith, Debra's Story
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     This is a story of a journey to radical faith. It is a story of joy and sorrow, of dreams of a future and dreams crushed, of hopelessness and awakening, fear and courage, and the “training of the hands for war”.      This is a true story which the Lord God compels me to write. Let it be for your encouragement, perhaps for someone’s training, perhaps to give someone insight, perhaps to open someone’s understanding that God is kind and generous to his people and always at work for our benefit.      This is Debra’s story, not her real name, but her identity will remain unknown as she wishes. Some of the details will be changed in an effort to protect her identity, but the story is true to her experience.      Come along with her on a journey to radical faith. Your life will never be the same, and you will not go back!
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Ruth Eliyah
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Ruth Eliyah / Yahweh's Call  Welcome! I am beginning vlogs in obedience to God's calling. I am sharing topics as He directs me. I hope you will join me and be a prayer partner as I begin this ministry. Thank you for taking a look!
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New chance to live ministries Uganda Africa (
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We made a bold step to take care of the upbringing of vulnerable children into great citizens morally raised in an upright Godly manner.We have a vision of   having a society in which orphans,vulnerable children and elderly are empowered and live happily and a mission of skilling and empowering orphan's,vulnerable children and the elderly with  knowledge,skills and services that foster sustainable livelihoods. We therefore call for your dear prayers for lord to extend provision to the mentioned target groups.
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Be In Good Health
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This is my prayer for us all. Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. - 3 John 1:2 ESV
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Tech Freedom
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Hi, As stated in the name, this page is for those interested in breaking free from big tech and taking control of their digital lives through learning about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), including GNU/Linux, and the software ecosystem that has developed around and through it. This is specifically meant to support a new business venture for me, but an old passion.
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Story & Redeemer
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   Photo in Header was taken on or near my 50th Birthday (Dec 10th) 2006 but was not uploaded from my camera until Christmas morning (story to follow).  For those of you who see the image, you can guess that was a very exciting day in my life.  And like everything else connected with Holy Father and myself there's a long story that goes with it.  My blogs will be a series of writings which came out of what I call dwelling with Holy Father.  There was a couple years break for some reason, but in the last few months we have had a couple very interesting conversations.  One about DNA and another which is actually an add on to one of my first titled Billion Man Plan, the latter speaks to why prayers aren't necessarily answered in a timeframe as we think they should be.  Both are pretty pertinent to today.    Holy Father impressed upon me these writings should be put together in a presentation called Story & Redeemer, and since He and I are getting back online, I think it is time to share these writings and let others see if there is information they can glean.  I look at these as parables and do not expect everyone to understand them or like them.  Many times there's a paragraph which drives a point home but you had to read two typed pages to get there.  Some are writings about physics which I don't necessarily know a whole lot about.  Please understand my job was to write out the message during our conversation, not go research and write a college paper.      So.....let's get on with it.  I still have to type up the documents from hand written pages and in a couple cases figure out how to illustrate some drawings I did and make it into probably PDF format where I can copy and paste or upload into a blog page each.  If you read one of these please leave comments in the Blog good, bad or indifferent.  Hopefully we can have some conversations and learn from each other.                      See Ya there!                           Jim   
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