Gus Minkler
on September 20, 2022 131 views

* The Storm Is Finally Upon Us *

Dates To Watch
Sep 23-24th > Oct 8th > Oct 23-24 > Oct 29th
- We're Only Weeks Away > Something Is Coming
- 10 Days Of Darkness Will Be A Communications Blackout + EBS > No Power Outtage > Hunker Down

- SEC Courts Deal Major Blow To Social Media For Censorship
- Courts Have Found The IRS Is A Puerto Rican Corporation
- Marina Abramović Is The U.N. Artistic Ambassador To Antarctica
- GITMO Will Be Completely Ready In October
- Juan & Jennifer Mac Are Getting Married #Congrats
- Remember This Moment In Time > History > You'll Want To Be Able To Recount These Events For Generations
- Preparation Requires Personal Decisions > Make Sure You Do What Works For Your Family And Personal Needs
- The Recovery 'After' May Take Months > With Military Assistance
- Gold & Silver Will Be The Only Safe Money
- Pray > Pray > Pray
- Don't Complain That The Waves Are Big & The Storm Is Scary


Juan O Savin & Jennifer Mac 




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