Charlette L Luna
on September 22, 2022 27 views
Baby Ember was given a fatal prenatal diagnosis in the womb, but the Baker family rejected abortion and loved their baby for the entirety of her life. 

What started as a heartbreaking diagnosis turned into an incredible mission: an Ember Tour. Joe and Ann Baker and their 3 other children set out to take Ember to all their favorite destinations while she was alive and thriving in the womb.
After she was born, the family spent a beautiful 1 hour and 6 minutes with Ember Moonlight Baker ❤️ All she knew was the unconditional love of her family.

"I'm so grateful God gave me an hour with you before you left us to be with Jesus. It was the most sacred special hour of my life. I love you, Ember. I can't wait to see you again. You were so worth it."
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Teresa Montgomery
Such a beautiful story of love grace and strength
September 24, 2022