Shirley Goodrich
on November 19, 2022 14 views
The Spirit & the Bride say Come Yeshua! Bo Yeshua!
The Bride of Messiah is one and united people from every nation and tongue, from the eastern most corner in Korea all the way to Israel, we are one!
The name above all names! The one we Love! The one who is coming back for us!
This is just a sweet little taste of the powerful time we had just a couple of weeks ago, together with our dear brothers and sisters from Jusarang Church in Incheon, South Korea.
This video is so special and is such a good reminder that the name of Yeshua goes beyond any stronghold, border or barrier bringing unity and love among his people!
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Team: Seungyoung Song, Yeseol Kwon, Yerim Kwon, Dami Choi, Seoyoung Lim, Kyungmi Lee, Seungwoo Ryu, Juha Lee, Seungeun Lee, Uhyun Hong, Won Jeong, Yedidyah & Shilo Ben Hod, JonMark & Levi Davis, Rebekah Wagner, Nethanel Buehler and Vadym Sokolyk
Film: Kwonneung Jang, Yeeun Kim, Miso Park, Seoyeon Kim
Tech: Jihyun Hwang
Special Thanks to all the translators who gave their time and skill freely to make the subtitles!
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