Mr Neil Deasy
on November 24, 2022 7 views

Heard some different words to This one.
Diamonds - one way

You can take your diamonds and lock them in your room
and you will lose everything you save
You can take your flowers and lay them on his tomb
but I know he rose up from the grave

One way, one way to Heaven
Choice is in your hands
Yeshuah, free and forgiven
Jesus God’s true Lamb

Choices emerge in the midst of our lives
Decisions every day
take the free gift provided for you
teletestai Maccaddeshem Yahweh
So I say Yahweh the way back to Abba
Yahweh adonai
by faith believe on El-Elyon
Lion of Judahs Tribe
no spot , no sin Lamb
I am that I Am

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Lois Macey
I'm with you Neil.
November 28, 2022