Gus Minkler
on March 5, 2023 19 views

Many of the topics here are describing the WAR FOOTING that we are now in. The Ohio Incident was a rail disaster but was it really toxic? Was it really a destination that was authorized? Is the WAR between Russia and the US going to be resolved quickly? Cheyenne Mountain was closed up out of "An Abundance of Caution". Can we manage these attacks in Cyber Space? Not a real conflict point unless it is "militarized". This is a MOVIE. They are trying again what they have done before.. this is just the Devil and his MINIONS trying to STRIKE US OUT. The Move of the SPIRIT OF GOD moment.. and will open up our hearts for those of us that are ready no matter where you are standing. A CONVERSION IN THE SOULS OF AMERICA.
PEACE is COMING by Jon McNaughton

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