Mr Neil Deasy
on June 15, 2022 21 views

I heard different words to another great song by James Taylor Copperline
Even the old times hey Noah Knew all the evil that they do
hacking humans yeah all but a few Plandemic Genocide
Serpent Head the Papals seat
evil Jackals sitting side by each
avoid soros gates and fauci reach Plandemic genocide

looks the same down most every street
death and maimed from the jab of the beast
follow orders from the corrupt snake , Just like Noahs Time
and its just like Pharohs time

they had to start a brand new Genocide
world is on to what they’re trying to hide
whistle blowers talking left and right Plandemic genocide

Israel at red sea they camped water parted moses staff in his hand
Pharoh followed but could not advance
drowned at Judgment time

Graphine oxide spike protiens Aquired immune difficiency
thanks to Gates and Tony Fauci Plan demic genocide
Just like moses time

first jab ever you took like a fish on the end of a hook
you struggle and your bodies shook plandemic genocide
yea they want you to die
short instrumental
many fallen in your plain sight on your left and also your right
wont harm you no fear tonight like pass over time

day breaks and we all wake up evil dogs bark the demons screach And the Lord Spoke the death angel’s nigh

time to wake up as we all should God is abso lutely good
in the end Like john said it would revelation time

nothing comes as a surprise to me its in the word and the prophesy
cares lifted off at peace and free huge revival time

God’s Prophets speaking in advance
gives hope and wakes us out of the trance
look to God and not your circumstance
know your reconciled yeah not bound by evil ties
in yeshua your justified through the Son at God’s right side

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